Map Power off menu to some long press key action on airmouse, keyboards for Khadas Edge-V?


Sometimes users use a wireless USB keyboard, airmouse and not the ir remote.
Then there isn’t a fast way to access the power off menu with Power off or Restart.

Is there a way to map some keys to bring up the power menu, the same menu as if you long press the power button on the ir remote?

Perhaps keys like
/ \ [ can be hardcoded for long press action to bring up the power off menu?
These keys are usually on the bottom of airmouse remotes and not used.

Or a bit more complicated, a menu for TvSettings where users can choose one of 5 keys eg. / \ [ ] or menu key they want to map to long press to bring up the power menu?

  • Add Shutdown Key for virtual navigation bar

You can add a virtual button like this