Manjaro Linux - KDE-Plasma & XFCE for VIM1

Manjaro Server 19.07 - KVIM1 - Link

This version will ask you for username, name, password, root password, locale, keyboard layout & hostname on the first boot.

I have tested it to work but didnt get to test LAN which should work as I used the same Kernel 5.0.2 but wifi wont work. you might have to install aml-firmware manually.
AML-Firmware Link

install it with pacman command.

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Manjaro x86 != ARM as stated by Strit.

yes will do this tomorrow

Does this/will this work for the Vim2 as well?

Let me check the wifi chip used in VIM2
WI-FI MODULE VIM2 v1.4 has the AP6398S (Pro / Max Versions) Wi-Fi module , whilst v1.2 has the AP6359SA.

IDK you can try it. if it works then fine else I will share you the full wifi module file. As I removed extra drivers from this file.

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  1. Minimal; where is the image for this option?

Any chance of getting an architect option with installation scripts ?
P.S. What does Server mean? What’s the significance of this version? What type of server comes pre-installed pre-configured (I’m presuming)?

Server have the following packages

#  packages

# packages

Minimal have these packages





Server and Minimal is only ttyl, without DE.

I’m So Excited about this! :heart_eyes: I can’t hardly wait for an Updated Manjaro-ARM image with included working wifi for my Khadas VIM2 Max (v1.2) Great Work and keep up the good job! :+1: Kudos, Cheers :tada: It would be great for an XFCE edition but I can uninstall LXQT and install XFCE on my own if I have to. If this works out I may have to consider buying another updated VIM2. @Spikerguy thank you for your kind efforts and work, we greatly appreciate it. Your skills save us all a lot of headache and frustration. I’ll be AMAZED :star_struck: if I can get Manjaro running as well on my Khadas VIM2 as I do on my Laptop.

Thats good to hear but what do you plan to do with your KVIM2 ? any kind of server or just normal desktop use?

Yes you can use it as I have shared the screenshots above. only problem is the GPU acc

Ok, but where can I find the image for it to write to SD Card? Also can any of these be installed to EMMC?

I have the Link on the above post. HERE

Yes you can install it in EMMC, balbes have the script to do that. I will discuss this with him tomorrow.


Right, but WiFi currently isn’t working for me, and Pamac keeps freezing on me causing me to have to rely on pacman from terminal, also there were 216 Updates waiting on first load, but pamac froze up

EDIT: Yeah, I noticed the GPU issue, background wallpaper looked funky / washed out, I think, this may be on the Raspberry Pi, I have a lot of different SBCs laying around, I’m working on and I get mixed up sometimes remembering what board had which problem.

Download the wifi driver and run it using the below command

sudo pacman -U --force firmware-2-aml-wifi-0.1-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

OH sorry IDK if this will work for KVIM2

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Mostly budget desktop use. I like the idea that the 8x CortexA53 processors aren’t vulnerable to spectre and meltdown like Intel and even most AMDs gives me peace of mind for online shopping and banking and such. Also it’s a more environmentally friendly and energy bill friendly solution than typical traditional computers / desktops.

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Then KVIM’s are perfect for these task. Cheers.

Try Mate version it should be smooth

I Agree
I’m kinda partial to XFCE, there’s a Theme I like and I like to customize the panels a certain way and like how many GNOME apps run / work on it due to GTK. I think MATE is good too, but I don’t know if I can have 3 panels at the top of the screen with it like I can in XFCE, I’m also more familiar with XFCE.

Using This I can get KVIM2 Images directly.

@CyberManifest Did you just replace the below line in uEnv.ini?


If this is the case then I can compile a new package with modified uEnv.ini for KVIM2

No I just followed the directions and:
For VIM2: Copy kvim2.dtb , kvim2_linux.dtb or meson-gxm-khadas-vim2.dtb to /boot , and rename it to dtb.img .
I didn’t modify any file, I didn’t see anything in the instructions about uEnv.ini

I just tested this and it didn’t work. :frowning: still no WiFi BTW my Khadas is VIM2 Max v1.2

Can you try the method I explained in the above message?

Just change the path name from s905 to vim2 and don’t bring the vim2 dtb file in boot.

Try to boot by just changing ur uEnv.ini file path of dtb. If this method works then I can build directly for kvim2

Then need to look for its Wi-Fi driver.