Manjaro Linux for Edge Pro

Does Edge Pro support Manjaro Linux?

I haven’t seen anyone discuss Manjaro Linux. But it is not hard to add Manjaro linux support for edge.

I saw a distro for Vim 3 not sure if that would work on Edge… Can you provide a link or recommend one?

Yes Vim 1 and Vim3 have support. I tried vim1 myself and now vim3 has official manjaro support.

No do not try vim roms on edge they are both different soc vim is amlogic and edge is rockchip.

It will not work. You will have to check the requirements for rockchip and add support yourself to edge.

If you need any help in that feel free to ask.


@Spikerguy If you could build one for Edge, that would be great! I believe you already build one for Vim. Do add this to your list :slight_smile:

Hahaha it is not that easy too and without a device I won’t be able to test it.

Also I am not familiar with rockchip’s boot structure and methods so maybe.

Why do you need Manjaro?

Popularity and been using it for a while on my desktop. I was looking through and found Vim3 already has support for it. So thought maybe there must be one for Edge. Not so hard pressing need though…

I understand. What do you use your edge for? Like entertainment purpose or some server use?

K8s cluster, Android mainly. No gaming. Plus the new Kap case.

Nice kap case is lovely. What is k8s cluster?

I will look into edge boot methods and see if I can get a boot img but I cannot guarantee if it will work as I dont have the device to test.

See you tomorrow.

Kubernetes=k8s cluster