Manjaro ARM on VIM1

Does anyone here use Manjaro ARM on a VIM1?
I downloaded the image from here, but the Amlogic USB Burning Tool refuses to burn it…

It’s probably a raw disk image that can be written to eMMC using dd?

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I was thinking the image might be corrupted. I’d better download it again and see what happens.

You can’t flash it using amlogic usb burning tool.

It should be flashed using dd on emmc or etcher on sd card if you want to boot from sdcard.

Okay, I’ll try.
But may I ask why I can’t use Amlogic tool for that?
I’ve already successfully burned Ubuntu MATE with it…

Cause not all distro prepare images for Amlogic burning tool method as it needs bsp uboot which we don’t use.

Sorry if I seem dumb, but how to flash the image to eMMC with dd?
I didn’t find any instructions here.

You need to write the file to the emmc block device which should be /dev/mmcblk1:

dd if=/path/to/manjaro.img of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M

This is overwriting emmc storage so you must be booted from SD card else the emmc is in-use and the overwrite process will kill the running OS and this could (and probably will) cause incomplete writing of the image and subsequent boot issues.

I’d suggest you Google for a HOWTO or read the manpage for dd so you understand what the command line options are doing.