Manjaro ARM for the VIM3

just try replace all boot scripts to extlinux

i will check vim3l tomorrow !

work fine for VIM3L same as for VIM3 !!! i have check it already !!!

PS: for VIM3L used same VIM3 image but replace bootloader only - if u can make share special VIM3L image (or just rootfs ) i can rebuild it !!!

i have find one bug from your side

system going to poweroff mode from IR RC
but cant wake up again from same IR RC power on/off key !!! :wink:

trying to install (20.12) on a vim3l, I’m not sure where to start with writing the dtb to extlinux.conf, unsure where the file is or how to get it, etc. can someone explain the steps?

I think @hyphop can explain as only he is able to get vim3l to run on Manjaro while all my attempt failed.

I will follow the same and try to see what I am doing wrong.

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Just start Krescue and install it by online

  • VIM3L.Manjaro-ARM-kde-20.12.raw.img.xz
  • VIM3L.Manjaro-ARM-minimal-20.12.raw.img.xz
  • VIM3L.Manjaro-ARM-xfce-20.12.raw.img.xz
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Hi @hyphop

I tried Manjaro kde and xfce and both doesnt seem to boot for me on vim3l.
I downloaded the files directly from kresue ui.
Kde error


Let me know if you need more logs.

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I tried Manjaro kde and xfce and both doesnt seem to boot for me on vim3l.
I downloaded the files directly from kresue ui.

its works fine for me ! what about minimal image

did u download and write image via krescue to emmc ?

  1. update krescue to last version
  2. clean cached images redownload again
  3. write & check write status
  4. show me full logs from uart => krescue version and full boot

PS: wait one more day !! look like i have find some bug again :slight_smile:

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I tried Manjaro kde and xfce and both doesnt seem to boot for me on vim3l.
I downloaded the files directly from kresue ui.

CONFIRMED: need reupload its broken images :wink: sorry for problems !!!


Looks like I am having some bad luck lately.

Ill try again this weekend.
The reason i want to try it to make it break after the update


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MANJARO VIM3L images was UPDATED from 2020-12-29 11:06

NOTE: uboot was replaced (probably was with bug) to


@hyphop Thank you for all your hard work! I’m a novice who just bought a VIM3 Pro, and I’m interested in installing Manjaro KDE 20.12. It looks like Krescue is the easiest way for newcomers like me, but I noticed only Manjaro MATE and minimal versions are available on Krescue for VIM3. Any plans to upload Manjaro KDE for VIM3? I know there is a Krescue image for VIM3L.


Hello and welcome to the forum.

How do you plan to run Manjaro on the board? Sd card or over emmc?

If you have android on emmc then you can boot over sd card using the latest vim3 image from our 20.12 release.

You can flash this image on you sd card and update the system and see if everything works fine. If you feel happy with the system on sd card then you can flash it to emmc by just running the install emmc script in /boot/ with root privilege.

Let me know if you need any help.


I had testing running and once linux 5.10 installed it no longer boots, any way to recover from this state eg. install old boot or reinstall?

Sounds like you only updated the kernel package and not the boot package.

In rolling release partial boot can lead to such issues.
In case you updated the boot packages too then maybe the uboot is old in testing.

Yes you can boot into a new installation on sd card and mount the emmc boot partition and then replace the u-boot.ext with this one.

Update: I have pushed the updated one in all the repo now.


Thanks, revived it :slight_smile: just tons of glitches


Hahaha yes panfrost is not so stable for bifrost G5x series yet it is much better on G3x though.

The current state is not usable as it might freeze anytime or crash kwin randomly.

We are expecting better stability with drm patches in 5.11 kernel but I am not sure If it was merged or not.

Enjoy your vim3


already UPLOADED for krescue - HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

  • VIM3.Manjaro-ARM-kde-20.12.raw.img.xz

manjaro arm xfce is not listed. Can you please add that too?

Or how we can add the downloaded img file to the list in krescu. respects.