Mali support on ubuntu


I have installed this Ubuntu version onto the VIM box. I have got the Ubuntu mate running fine. I compiled and installed kodi on the box. And when I run Kodi, then only I found that the graphics Driver was not found. The GPU detected was Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe. OpenGL version: 3.0 mesa 12.0.6

I need to install Mali drivers so that kodi can run on Mali. i tried to compile and install the drivers again from many sites, but the compile gets stuck in between. Please let me know if i need to built from scratch again with the GPU drivers or if there is an Ubuntu version with Mali drivers installed.


Sorry for the late reply .
We haven’t add the Mali GPU acceleration on ubuntu, but it is within our work plan.
You can built from scratch and try to add it on ubuntu.

if someone needs an accelerated kodi, then the best option is to use librelelec instead of any other linux distrib

The libreelec firmware in firmware resources cannot be burned to the Khadas box using Burning tool. So should I build one from scratch?

was mali gpu acceleratione ever added to ubuntu server/mate image?

check this out guys:

mainline full encode decode hardware vpu accel usinf driver+v4l2+ffmpeg+kodi
when can we expect this to arrive on vim ?


Is this for the vim2 as well?