Mainline u-boot firmware for vim and vim2


I’m looking for ready to use u-boot firmware images build on mainline sources, are there any of them available for download?


Hi umiddelb,

I can provide you one tomorrow, but only for VIM1, I haven’t tried mainline u-boot for VIM2 yet.

Hi umiddelb,

Please check the mainliline uboot for VIM1 V2018.05.


Thank you! I’ll try it, do you have a mainline u-boot firmware for emmc storage as well?

Hi umiddelb,

Please check the eMMC image here. But I haven’t tried on eMMC yet.

Good luck for you!

I must admit that I haven’t updated the kvim/kvim2 firmware so far. Do I have to copy the firmware image to a certain offset on the emmc or can I just start at offset 0x0 (leaving the mbr partition table intact).

From what I’ve seen I would guess the offset should be 0x200 (looking for ‘@AML’).

I’ve updated the firmware on emmc with an offset of 0x200

sudo dd if=u-boot-v2015.01_VIM2_Ubuntu_20180712.bin of=/dev/mmcblk1 conv=fsync,notrunc bs=512 seek=1

The new firmware uses a different location for the permanent u-boot environment (0x06c00000) but keeps the size of 64k.