Mainline u-boot, command 'gpio clear GPIOH_4' not working

Which Khadas SBC do you use?


Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

self built


With u-boot version 2015.01-geddbbf5. I used a “gpio clear” command to set GPIOH_4 low.
With mainline u-boot version v2021.04 this does not work, see below.
Both versions were generated with Fenix.

Mainline error:

gpio clear GPIOH_4 
GPIO: 'GPIOH_4' not found"
Command 'gpio' failed: Error -22"

Btw. this did not work with Armbian’s mainline u-boot either.
Is there an alternative way to set GPIOH_4 low?


Hello @gkkpch

We will check and update here next week.

Any update for this issue yet?

Hello @gkkpch

@Frank will follow up and feedback here.

Still waiting :wink:
But, could this also be achieved with a dt overlay?

Hello @gkkpch

Sorry, we will double check next week.


GPIOH_4 in mainline is gpio20

=> gpio set 20 1 
gpio: pin 20 (gpio 20) value is 1
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Thanks for this! I can now finish the part.