Main Android File System

So normally the main Android File System is hidden, but there are workarounds to find it. Even after doing normal tricks I still can’t find it. I was wondering if there’s some advice to find it.

USB file transfer is working normally, but I need to access the files within android. It’s a petty issue, but I’d like to get Pojav Launcher (Minecraft) working like it should. The app just crashes trying to add forge files.

Hello @Kei_up

As the engineers already start the Spring Festival Holiday, so can’t reply you at this moment, and they will back to the office after January 28th, @goenjoy will help you at that time.


Recently saw someone in the vim4 forum having the same issue. Android missing stock file manager and intent - #2 by PeterLin

I received a similar error message.

@Kei_up Thank you for your feedback. I will add this app in the next version.

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