Mac OS DFU tools can't find Tone 1 board

I finally got the tone_dfu_tool_macos and the DFU installers working, sort of. (see below for how)

My question: When I try to use either tool they seem to work but report “device not found”. The Tone 1 works fine so I (and the Mac) know it is there. Why would the MacOS DFU installers not be able to find it?

Results are the same on a Mac Mini M1 running Big Sur and a 2015 Mac Air running Sierra. I have tried different USB-A to USB-C cables. I do not have access to Windows or Linux.

If there are different versions of the DFU installer apps for different firmware versions, as I read somewhere, I can’t find them. If you go to looking for info on MacOS it isn’t even an option which makes me suspect that Mac support for Khadas is still a work in progress.

FYI - Getting the DFU installers working for MacOS:

For the tone_dfu_tool_macos I had to “chmod +x tone_dfu_tool_macos” and then install libusb using “brew install libusb”.

For the DFU after unzipping it I got an error saying I didn’t have permission to open it (Mac Mini - Big Sur) or “The app can’t be opened” (Mac Air - Sierra). It turns out there was an issue with how the zip archive was created.

Using the default Mac unzip utility caused the unzipped app to throw the error. Using the 3rd party app Unarchiver to unzip the file and the app worked fine (well it opened), nothing seems to actually work

Any help would be appreciated

We just released a macOS GUI DFU tool:

Have fun!

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Thanks but it still says “No device found. Please plug in the device you want to upgrade.”

Just a note that you should use USB A to C cable for Tone1, the C to C cable will not work out.

Yes that’s what I am using, no device found.

Are you able to post some photos to show the setup between your macbook and Tone1 here?

And a screenshot of the DFU tool also comes help for us to learn about further information.

running system_profiler | grep -i khadas
on the Mac shows it being there. It’s the DFU tool that isn’t finding it.

Sat Dec 4 17:43:53.914 Usb Host Notification hostNotificationUSBDeviceInserted Khadas Tone Control isApple N seqNum 115 Total 12
| | | | | ±o Khadas Tone Control@02200000 <class IOUSBHostDevice, id 0x1000254a9, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (20 ms), retain 27>
| | | | | | “USB Product Name” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | | “kUSBProductString” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | ±o Khadas Tone Control@0 <class IOUSBHostInterface, id 0x1000254af, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (13 ms), retain 8>
| | | | | | | “kUSBString” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | | | “USB Product Name” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | | | “IOAudioDeviceName” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | | | “IOAudioDeviceModelID” = “Khadas Tone Control:20B1:000A”
| | | | | | | “IOAudioEngineDescription” = "Khadas Tone Control "
| | | | | | | “IOAudioEngineGlobalUniqueID” = “AppleUSBAudioEngine:XMOS:Khadas Tone Control:2200000:1”
| | | | | ±o Khadas Tone Control @1 <class IOUSBHostInterface, id 0x1000254b0, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (12 ms), retain 10>
| | | | | | | “USB Product Name” = “Khadas Tone Control”
| | | | | | | “kUSBString” = "Khadas Tone Control "
| | | | | | “USB Product Name” = “Khadas Tone Control”

Oops, my bad!

Forgot to tell you that the Khadas DFU Tool only work out for the Tone1 with v2.0 firmware, more details: