M2X WWAN Extension with TELIT ME910C1

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official

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How can i install TELIT ME910C1 Drivers to use with the M2X WWAN Extension (v12)? Or does it work out of the box?

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@ivan.li @numbqq any ideas?


M2X WWAN Extension is M.2 interface. Does the PCB where your module resides meet such conditions?

Hi @ivan.li you’re right, not the right socket. Sorry and thanks for your time. Can u suggest a module for indoor LTE/4G ?

Please check here: https://www.khadas.com/product-page/4g-lte-module

Dear @numbqq i’ve bought the module and attached to the board. I’ve followed the docs at Edge1 EM06 LTE 4G Module [Khadas Docs] but under /dev/tty* i got no USB* ports active. I’ve installed Ubuntu server from Fenix, do i need to install some other libraries?

Which image you used?

Hi @numbqq tried both Ubuntu focal and jammy server built from fenix on the emmc.

Hello @MaxLeggieri

Please use the 4.9 kernel image.

Hi @numbqq can i use kernel 4.9 on the emmc?

@numbqq i’m on the edge1, why vim3 images?

Sorry, check here:


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Hi @numbqq those images are built on 4.4 kernel, can u confirm its ok?

Hi @numbqq and really thanks for your time…
It seems that no ttyUSB* is present with the server image.

Hi @numbqq @ivan.li any ideas? I bought all original and supported hardware but not working. Can you help a little bit more?

Hello @MaxLeggieri

Sorry for the trouble, Edge-V doesn’t support the EM06 4G module with M.2 interface. If you already buy a 4G module from our side we can help you to returen the device.

Hi @numbqq can i modify the kernel from fenix or is not working at all?
Is it due to the rockchip 3399? Kernel version?

Nope. The kernel driver is supported. , it is becase Edge-V M.2 interface don’t contain the USB signal so you can’t use the M.2 interface 4G module on the Edge-V M.2 interface. But you can use a USB interface 4G module.

Ok @numbqq, so what can i do with the M.2 interface on Edge-V? Can u suggest a setup of a 100% working solution with Khadas products? please specify the right board and the right accessories. My main goal is a SMS server.

Thank you

You can use it with a M key NVMe SSD.

You can use VIM4, VIM3 or VIM3L with the 4G module on M.2.

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