M2X extension - LTE Modem Driver missing

The qcserial driver is missing in the current ubuntu firmware. An LTE modem can work without it. In Android the modem is also not recognized.

In Manjaro with current kernel (5.3.0-rc5) it is detected but does not connect.

I’ve just received my Hewlett Packard modem which I’ve plugged into M2X board on VIM3 Pro - it seems like NetworkManager recognizes it but somehow it soesn’t work - normally I use LTE/3G modem with gammu - unfortunately sudo gammu --identify is unable to see the modem.

Interestingly enough when I list USB devices with lsusb, modem is visible, but when listing PCI express - not lspci

I did switch USB 3.0 to PCIE on my VIM according to manual.

Any ideas?

I run VIM3 Pro with Ubuntu Bionic Xfce built from source.

Can you post the output of usb-devices?