M2X Extensión + Khadas Quectel EM06 4G LTE Module EM06

Good morning.
I have a question, according to the attached photo I have installed Khadas Quectel EM06 4G LTE Module with the M2X Extension, and from the beginning has given me intermittent connections. The only thing I see is the icon in the upper corner of the screen (see photo). I thought there were problems with the M2X Extension, but I bought 2 more and I did not improve, then I bought another EM06 4G LTE thinking it was the module, but neither. As you can see in the photo 1.

I have had the 4G connection once or twice, but then the figure of the empty icon remains. change antennas, either. I have a valid Sim Card and it works well on other modems. Already exhaust the problems of the module, Mx2. Any idea ?, I have a VIM3 with the kernel 4.9.113 #9 Thu Jan 28 11:14:58 CTS 2021. I appreciate some ideas.

Picture 1 Hollow icon

and Greenlight goes on /off

Oscar Chacon.
Florida USA

@Oscar_Chacon Are you using an official antenna? Can you take a picture of how you connect the 4G module and antenna to the M2X ?

Thanks for answering.
As you can see change the module and the MX2 twice, and the antenna because it is the same, could be problem with antenna is defective.
I send you picture how is connected.
Thank you

@Oscar_Chacon From the picture, the connection method is correct from.

Thanks , any other advice, By the way where I can buy a new antenna.

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