M1 MacBook Pro will not detect Tone 2 Pro

My MacBook Pro will not recognize the Tone 2 Pro. At the beginning of January 2023, I bought a Tone 2 Pro from Amazon to use with my M1 Max MacBook Pro (Ventura 3.1). I connected the USB port of the Tone 2 Pro directly to the MacBook using a Thunderbolt 3 cable (Apple Certified) and connected the 12S port to a 5V 1A linear dc power supply with a USB-C cable. I followed the instructions in the Khadas manual that came with the Tone 2 Pro to set the input to Auto. The LED in between the two USB-C ports was green. The LED associated with the knob on the front of the Tone 2 Pro is blue. I worked with Apple Support to try to get the MacBook Pro to recognize the device, but we were not successful.

I tested the cables and the MacBook Pro’s Thunderbolt ports and all were working as they should. I have watched the Khadas YouTube videos about how to update the firmware of the Tone 2 Pro but without a working connection, I cannot check to determine whether or not the firmware needs to be updated. (Note: An AudioQuest DragonFly Red works immediately when connected to the MacBook Pro, even when it is connected to a CalDigit hub that is connected to the MacBook Pro by a certified Thunderbolt 3 cable rather than directly to one of the Thunderbolt ports on the computer).

I would appreciate any advice to help me successfully connect the Tone 2 Pro.
Thank you