Low performance with "VIM3_Pie_V190907"

I tried to run Geekbench 4.4.0 with Android stock ROM ‘V190907’, and got just half score compared with ’ V190809’:

And I also tried to build Android image from the latest source, got the same low score.
So, what caused such a significant performance drop from ‘0809’ to ‘0907’?


You’re right, 0907 was a complete failure.

Everyone was attracted by the VIM3‘s performance, but 0907 disappointed everyone.

Look forward to getting back the lost performance in next release.


I can’t even play 4K video from NAS smoothly with 0907, which was not a problem with 0809.
Hope this performance issue will be fixed soon.


Dear Superceleron and Terry are working on it, I believe in them! :muscle::+1::v:

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