Low performance of OpenGL


I am testing to use some OpenGL example on the vim3 .
git clone https://github.com/tharkum/opengl-demo.git

The compile is done. and when I run the test execution, the performance of display is very low (FPS). do I need to update the any driver.?

Actually it seems that’s not actual performance of Arm Mali GPU.


Your link is broken…

One thing you should to know is that: VIM3 GPU doesn’t support OpenGL.
It supports OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0 and OpenCL 2.0, you can check the datasheet.

There are some GPU demos in the image you can run under framebuffer. /usr/share/arm/opengles_20.
The FPS for these demos should be 60FPS.

If you want to run OpenGL apps on VIM3, maybe this will help you:


Sorry, I’ve corrected my link.
And yes, my question is for OpenGL ES.
I’ve checked the test binary at /usr/share/arm/opengles_20. that’s working correctly.
It was not a issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks you

Where can I find vulkan library?