Looks like I killed my VIM3, is it possible to reuturn to KHADAS for repair?


Thanks, I did try that and I tried all the other methods as well but nothing so far.

sometimes I really want to get to these boards that don’t work and see what’s wrong, but it’s not so simple, we are all from different countries and cities

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I agree with you buddy,
we all want to be “Mr. Worldwide tech service” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do not want to say that I am a high-level specialist, I am just interested

Videos here soon I hope.

Posting videos is harder than I thought…

Yes, thanks, we are all looking forward to your video!

Try posting it on youtube and share the public link…

you just need to give a link to the resource

At last.

@Donanon the video is hidden, you need to enable the option to make it visible for anyone with the link (Unlisted video is probably the option)

maybe you need to register?

yes, do it publicly please

The link is to a Playlist of 10 videos and it is Unlisted…I don’t know why it is not playing as I have published and posted a video before with no problem.

YEA! This Works.

Please remove ‘Donanon’ from this link, copy and paste it and it should lead to the videos.


Can you take a new video with more details, basically, we need follow information:

  • Connections between VIM3 and PC
  • Your operations to boot into upgrade mode
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Yeah, as @Gouwa says, we need a more dedicated video of the entire process, also only one video is open, all the other one are private (needs to be unlisted as well)

Thanks for all the replies and help.

I connected the VIM3 via USB-C with HDMI and tried to boot using the SDCard method, the Keys Mode, TST Mode and MRegister Mode.

Then I removed the USB-C and connected a 12volt 2 amp power supply and repeated all of the upgrade mode entry types with no effect.

It’s late and I am too tired to take more video tonight, I’ll upload more tomorrow.


ok buddy, take your time and be patient…
I am sure this is not much of a big problem, you can definitely solve it with the help of our forum members :slight_smile:

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