Looking to create a dedicated music player using VIM3, Tone Board, nvme storage, and volumio

Is this possible?

I’m a newbie … please be patient

Hello, Welcome aboard.
I am unsure about Volumio and NVMe. I will test it tonight and post back my results.

Update. I mounted the M2X extension board to the VIM3, mounted NVMe drive to the M2X board. I installed Volumio using Krescue. Prior to installing Volumio, I used KBI in Krescue to set port mode to PCI. While the Android I previously had on the VIM3 could see the NVMe drive, Volumio failed to see it.

Hello hyphop, does NVMe work in the kresq image of Volumio?

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Thank you for testing … so Volumio on emmc can’t see NVME … rats

It seems so, however, let’s wait to see what hyphop says. Maybe it can be achieved. :slightly_smiling_face: