Looking for Librelec image

Hello there,
I’ve been looking at using Libreelec on my VIM2, but can’t find an image…
Does someone still have one of Balbes150 images based on old kernel?

Why the /Firmware/VIM2/LibreELEC dir is empty? Some copyright problems?


Thanks but I’m not looking for CoreELEC.
I want an older (3.xx) Kernel based LibreELEC.

CoreELEC for VIM2 uses 3.14 kernel.

https://test.libreelec.tv/ <= AMLGX image (mainline kernel, not 3.14) - use the “box” image from SD card if you have Android on the emmc (factory u-boot) or dd the “vim2” image to emmc if you want to run LE from emmc (vim2 image has u-boot). There are still some things to solve with hardware decoding in mainline, but worst case you can disable it and software decode for a bit. VIM2 has enough grunt to decode 1080p everything which is good enough for most people.

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I’ve been testing LibreELEC images for some time on an S905D box and a 1080p raspberry. There is nothing so smooth and fast, just waiting for full support from the crazycat driver and media_buid.

Funny, the VIM2 shows multiple artifacts when using software decoding at up to 1080p - which is all that LE offers at the moment.


Thanks for the suggestions, but these are not what I’m looking for.
I’m looking for the old Balbes150 LibreElec images, not CoreElec nor the newest LibreElec.

I mostly agree. I have an old LibreELEC 8.2 image running on a Khadas VIM1 and it’s VERY smooth, the only problem is that some codec need software decoding and the VIM1 struggles with it.
Was hoping the s912 would solve the problem.

I fail to see your logic here. Why go for some unsupported partially working version of LE when there are working implementations that support all codecs on the VIM2. Are you a masochist ?



The mainline-kernel based use software decoding, and those based on the newer Kodi (CoreElec) have problems with plug-ins/drivers.

Please explain which plugins and drivers you have issues with that are supported in LE 8.2 ?
LE 8.2 for AMLogic is an unsupported community build of LE which is no longer hosted anywhere and many of the addons will be broken as a consequence.


And that’s the reason why I created this thread, I can’t find the .img files, so I’m asking if someone still have them.

I’m not claiming that the old version is better, so let’s say it’s for research purpose.

Regarding the incompatibilities, this is just a few things I remember:
Some DVB adapter were not working or only partially working in newer Kodi, a skin from the official repo (Aeon ??) would download but not work, and the autosub (?) plugin would try to download subs even when configured to NOT do it (while watching DVB).