Load Image via API


We are looking into the option of loading an image using the API,

Would there be any further documentation on how to achieve this:

Transfer image to VIM4 from remote machine / server and Install to MMC?

@hyphop there seems to be some WIP documentation?




I will update Write [Khadas Docs]
it soon + write much examples

but idea is easy
boot into oowow mode by any way
oowow LAN network access must be configured before - device must be visible for other machines in LAN

and last step from other HOST

curl oowow.local/shell/write | sh -s - IMAGE_PATH 

oowow.local - need replace to actual device hostname/ip (easy to find avahi-browse -a | grep oowow or by any other ways )

IMAGE_PATH - its suitable image for oowow instalation: normal raw image or compressed by gz | xz | zstd


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So I used the following:

curl vim4-00378.local/shell/write | sh -s vim4-230309.000012-31268536320-bytes-disk.img.zst -mmc

however I get the following error:

curl: option --data-binary: out of memory

Many Thanks


The image we are using is one saved from a configured VIM4 - exported to disk from OOWOW

curl: option --data-binary: out of memory

please update oowow to the latest version

PS: if version 231024 works same not right - i will try to check it very soon again

Hi - The lastest version Oowow will auto update to is 230309

Is 231024 a manual upgrade - I see it in the versions folder