LLVM Pipeline not really Gnome hw acc

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas Official

Please describe your issue below:

Gnome and Ubuntu Gnome are using llvmpipe, no really hw acceleration

Any way to fix it? or have to wait the mainline kernel support?

Many thanks for your time

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Which image you used? The default Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome image installed by OOWOW has GPU hardware acceleration.

Hi, many thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I have used the net latest image of OOWOW, for example Chromium or Firefox use llvmpipe to render the websites and It so slow and uses many cpu

Yes, the Web browser don’t have GPU hardware acceleration yet, but the desktop is hardware accelerated.

It is because the blobs of Mali dont work…Any way to fix It?
it is exasperating that with a 2019 Odroid N2 I have better performance browsing and in graphic tasks, than with my new Khadas VIM4 on Linux… when using the Mali blobs programmed by the manufacturer of the SOC Amlogic, they should not have better performance than an Odroid N2 with Linux Meson OpenSource drivers? https://linux-meson.com/ That this happened in the year 2018-2019 but at this point… how is it possible that with how famous Khadas is, he does not launch projects in parallel with the Linux MainLine Kernel? They could provide better support, they could always be up-to-date with security, and on top of that they would have the support of the community.

It is due to the Ubuntu 22.04 need proporer configuration for browser to adaptor the GPU hardware acceleration with Mali blobs. And we are working on it.

At this moment, there is no mainline support for VIM4, so we can’t use the opensource gpu driver.

Being the browser a main part and the most used in a Desktop Linux, how is it possible that a final product comes out without HW support for it? Do you think it’s a browser problem or Mali blobs? Snap packages usually bring their own libraries and it is possible that they are not using the Waylands of the Mali Blob, but the internal ones

Do you plan to support as Khadas the release of VIM4 in MainLine Kernel in a reasonable period of time? Or is there some kind of contract with Amlogic or Arm that limits your active work on Main Line Kernel?

It may releated to the borwser configuration, because the desktop is hardware accelerated with Wayland GPU, and in the past we can make it work on Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 11 which use apt to manage the pakage. but from Ubuntu 22.04 it use snap which is different to apt, so we need to figure out how it works.

Sorry, we can’t provide the clear timeline, but we are trying to do this.

Many thanks for your answer :slight_smile: good point of start, How to Disable Snap on Ubuntu 22.04 - On Linux Systems

Use official ppa repositories: How to Disable Snap on Ubuntu 22.04 - On Linux Systems
For Firefox

Chromium point…Why apt package chromium-browser installs snap package instead? - Ask Ubuntu

This ppa official for Chromium:

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Hace you a Zip/Tar with all blobs of Mali+Wayland for VIM4? Tomorrow Will work on It :slight_smile:

Other point, at low level then A311D2 is a A311D with 64 bits Memory, more CPUs un Cluster and Dual Mali G52Mp6 Stack? G52MP8? Or only have 2 Mali Core more?

Could be adapt a A311D dts to A311D2 dts?
Many thanks for your time


No, A311D2 is totally a different SoC to A311D.

Using PPA chromium and setting Vulkan + Wayland can use HW in Chromium :wink:


Very cool to see! online media playback and graphics should be little smoother now :slightly_smiling_face:


Does any extra setup or configurations needed when using chromium from ppa?


Remove Snap of Ubuntu 22.04

Read it:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saiarcot895/chromium-beta

sudo apt update

sudo nano /etc/apt/preferences.d/chromium-ppa

Package: chromium*
Pin: release o=Ubuntu
Pin-Priority: -1

The file should like this:

To Block Chromium releases of Ubuntu


sudo apt install chromium-browser -y

Set the flags of the image of my latest post:

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First glmark2-es2-wayland Test

How to do it?

sudo apt install glmark2-es2-wayland


Note for youtubers and reviewers: Please …investigate more.

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Maybe use the chromium installed from snap and set up the flags can also work ?

Try, but I’d say apt is better, since you have real control of the libraries and dependencies

Problem with full hw acc:



Full Log:

Relevant Line:
shared_context_state.cc(860)] SharedContextState context lost via ARB/EXT_robustness. Reset status = GL_UNKNOWN_CONTEXT_RESET_KHR

Thank you for posting this excellent information and guide. One question. Where are you taking the screenshots with the the feature information, like the one that shows vulkan is diasbled, from?

And if you have figured out something new out about improving linux performance I know I would be very interested in seeing that and I would guess there are more out there that would be interested.