LiPo battery question

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I have a question about the LiPo battery, specifically under Android. I’m assuming there is some sort of passthrough on it. What I wanted to know is, does Edge/Android know when a power source is plugged in VS when it’s running off of the battery.
I have always wanted to run my own car computer, the issue is power. More specifically, turning the unit on/off with the engine. There are a few options out there including a small board made by another forum member on here. The problem with all of them is they are overly complicated.
I was thinking if the Edge/Android can tell the difference between plugged in or battery then all I would have to do is power it from my cigarette lighter (turns on/off with the car) and when the board sees that it is running on the LiPo it automatically sends an off/shut down command. I believe something like IFTTT would work.

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It’s something about the power management, the Edge/Captain will power on when DC-IN or USB-C is plug-in, you can learn the power priority as below:

And Schematic:

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Ya, I remember reading that it auto turns on once it detects power. The power priority doc is perfect for what I need, USB-C 1st and LiPo 2nd. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t explain what happens when you unplug the USB-C under Android. Obviously, the Captain/Edge knows to switch over to LiPo but does Android see any difference? If it does then it shouldn’t be very hard to tell the OS “the moment you have been unplugged, I want you too shut down or go into stand by.”

Actually, for Edge, it’s configurable, can config as power on by pressing power button mode.

Sure thing, it’s same with charging event, when the DC-IN/USB-C is unplugged, the charge IC BQ25700 can detect and inform the Android system.

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That’s good to know. Now I just need to figure out how to mount a monitor in my car. Thanks bro!!