Linux version for 3D printer

I’m building a 3D printer using Linux based software for overall control. It currently doesn’t support Android usage.

I have a VIM2 Max and and need to use Debian Linux for specific 4K UHD display control. The VIM2 also controls the hardware, but that has been taken care of.

There will be no audio needs and it needs to use direct Ethernet connection.

I already have a HDMI to MIPI-DSI bridge board to control the display. It requires the 4K@60Hz capability of the VIM2.

As a Noob, what I need is your recommendation for the best Linux version to use. A server version will be preferred but I can utilize a Mate version if it helps.

VIM2 or Armbian? Which single Linux version should I download and use? If it requires U-Boot or something else, I will need installation instructions.

Should I install it on a SD card so I don’t have to wipe out the Android firmware already installed on eMMC? Naturally, I will need it to go to Linux 1st.

Linux is one of the great operating systems. Almost every 3d printers are compatible with it. Apart from this, I have some issues with my Hp Designjet T795. While I tried to print my important docs every time, I noticed, my printer was getting switch off. I could not understand what I will do. Please help.

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Linux is the most secure and safe OS out there. Linux is so safe that there is a saying “I don’t need an antivirus, I use Linux”. And now they are launching there own 3D printer! It is amazing news. Now people wouldn’t have to face annoying issues like brother printer’s brother printer offline windows 10 issue. Their printers would be safe from computer hackers as well.

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