Linux Support for Mind?

Will Mind run standard Linux distributions? I’d never run Windows, under any circumstances.

Gnome under Wayland can handle the arbitrary changes in resolutions. Is accelerated Xe graphics support possible?

— Jeremiah

Hey there @JeremiahCornelius

Intel raptor lake support has landed since kernel 5.18, and in the latest kernels, Xe graphics is up and ready, you can expect full Wayland performance.

I believe Ubuntu has been tested to work on it maybe @hyphop can verify. Your Mileage of support will vary with the distro choice and the kernel version + drivers it ships with out of the box.



Thanks tremendously for this. I’m going to take a serious look into Khadas Mind!
I’m very partial to mainline kernels on a Debian platform, and have had excellent device support for the very latest using the zabbly+ apt repository builds for both Intel and ARM64, currently 6.5.1-zabbly+.

— Jeremiah

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The Linux Xe driver began as a WiP at the beginning of the year. Sources are available now.
Relevant announcements from the Linux community are here:

I can confirm Ubuntu 23.04 desktop works out-of-box without any problem

The same works well latest systems from Debian, Manjaro, PopOS

Welcome to more questions


Thanks much for the input and confirmation!
– Jeremiah

Great news! What about your toolset for BIOS upgrades etc. ?

We will release an App for users to upgrade the BIOS.

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