Linux support for both NPU and GPU

I discovered Vim3 and was very pleased with design-- placement of GPIO, I/O, heat sink, GPU, and (wow) NPU? Even packaging! Nice! Then I discovered this forum post when searching to see if the issue had been resolved. It was my hope that Khadas would now have an Linux image configured. I need a mini-server so I can develop against the NPU however the application will produce video on the Kdadas TS050 Touch Screen.

No responses since last year. Did Khadas produce a Linux image for Vim3? Did anyone create a blog post with a step-by-step?

Love the board but without Linux support for both NPU and GPU I really reluctantly have to keep searching elsewhere. Ideas? Thoughts?



The NPU on the VIM3 requires the Amlogic BSP kernel (4.9). The Mali G72 GPU is supported in both BSP kernel (4.9) and mainline (5.5) … subject to using the right drivers and blobs. This is a VIM1 thread so best to take further Q’s to the right section of the forum.