Linux mainline support

what is the status of linux mainline support for Edge-V ? At least device tree etc stuff?

See the post below which include some device but not the one from Khadas. Did devs get their sample device etc?

PS: Mainline Linux support is key for success of such an device.

@balbes150 asked this to

We will try to send basic DTS support to upstream next month, you know that we don’t have much experience about this, but we will try…


@numbqq Well you should gain more experience in the Mainline stuff. A lot of Brends did not success as they should because of lack of Mainline support.

You could contact some Linux mainline developers and contribute them a device, but they will of course need you and all information of what that device can == Specification like in link @balbes150 posted.


@numbqq You gain experience from doing. Mailing lists are nowhere near as simple as sending a PR on github, but if I can figure out how to send changes upstream it’s not impossible! :slight_smile:


Mainline linux support for Edge will be merged to mianline kernel in linux 5.3.

I will try to send u-boot patches to upstream…


Great work, thanks for making the effort to upstream this! Upstream kernel support makes development, ongoing maintenance and support of systems built on the Edge series so much easier. :+1:

I’ll try to give that branch (or -next or mainline if it’s made it that far by then) as thorough a test & check as I can for you when the Edge board I bought for testing arrives.

Does Edge V have gpu & hw acc drivers for mainline Linux?

^ those git repos should have everything you need for supporting current RK devices with ARM blobs on mainline kernels. Also check our main repo for build-system pacakges of the same name; look at the the systemd scripts to see how we support multiple libs in a single distro image with runtime linking of the correct libs (used with Amlogic more than Rockchip, but that will change once our RK images switch up to mainline kernels).


@numbqq Great work.

Keep us informed about mainline support (u-boot, kernel etc) .

My Edge-V Pro arrived today, so I have something to play with.

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@chewitt thank you for your work on LibreELEC image, you mean the rockchip branch

I see in this link that there are some images for devices but no for edge-v. I know that edge-v is like edge just form factor of VIM, so i guess that is same image to use on both edge and edge-v?

Sorry, n=o idea. I’m far from being expert on RK things.

Mainline u-boot merged to the master branch

Build and install with:


@numbqq this seems still not merged, no active discussion anymore there. Is this going to be accepted and merged?

Already merged.

not everthing was merged, the kernel defconfig files etc?

Has anyone managed to boot a mainline image on the edge using the khadas fenix script? none of the images I’ve built will boot.

Hello @blueberryberret

Seems the mainline kernel for Edge is broken, I will fix this…

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I have updated the repo, please update your repo and try again.

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That’s great, thanks! I’ll give it a shot over the weekend.

@numbqq what is the state of this patch?
was there new revision, did it got merged? is anything else needed to boot mainline kernel on edge-v (max).