Linux chroot install - Kali Nethunter

Kali Linux Nethunter (choot) on Khadas VIM w/SCV/ATV
Linux chroot - full Debian based Linux environment
Local/Remote VNC/SSH
passive data collection, remote exfiltration, active/passive wifi cracking, remote device exploitation
obfuscated offensive security with stealth persistence in a set-top box!

How-To: Kali Nethunter for Khadas Vim
by: Donnie Werner

  1. Install firmware SCV2 by SuperCeleron via Burning tool
    *should also work on rooted Vim Marshmallow

  2. Root firmware via settings menu, enable developer,USB debugging and unknown sources

  3. Aquire internet access wired/wireless

  4. Install the three APK’s in this link:

  5. Launch the Nethunter apk, initalize the chroot, pick Metapackage Nethunter
    initalization of Nethunter chroot take about 10 minutes
    from term prompt run “#apt update” and “apt upgrade”, upgrade your base chroot, exit term.
    from Nethunter install Metapackage Wireless, exit term.
    from Nethunter configure VNC, initalize, start, connect.

  6. enjoy Kali Linux Nethunter on your Khadas VIM!

Kali Nethunter Wiki -

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