Linux batocera ou retropie for khadas

Hello people
I would like to ask you for help from me, I am Brazilian and I am a beginner in this part of khadas system updates.
I would like to know if there is any version of batocera linux or retropie for khadas to play arcade games
I’m sorry for the awful English and thank you.

Hello, Not sure about those, but their is a LibreELEC going around with several game emulator add-ons. I have not tried it, as not much of a gamer. I will post back if I find it.

I know, but librelec is not a good os for game
Iam wrong? Ty

Sorry, not being a gamer, I lack experience in emulators and can’t answer how well emulators work on LibreELEC. Perhaps these links will offer some info…

Hope you find an answer.