Linux 4.14 support on Khadas Edge-V

I want to make linux 4.14 runs on Khadas Edge-V.
How can I build linux 4.14 with khadas fenix scripts and make it work?

Hello !
you can refer to the simple guide and step by step present on the Khadas Github repository to build the images you require…

just select the kernel and compatible uboot when the build environment script asks and it will be built for you on your Host linux PC :slight_smile:

good day!

at this moment its only linux-4.4

@Harrison If you want to use the 4.14 kernel, you need to apply a lot of patches to run properly on Edge.
If you want to try, you can edit the Edge config file

$ vim config/boards/Edge.conf

found LINUX_GIT_BRANCH="khadas-edge-4.4.y",change to you 4.14 branch

Thanks for your suggestion.