Link to latest Android image?

Hi Khadas team, I’m a technical writer on Fuchsia’s DevRel team.

I recently got Fuchsia running on a VIM3 board but it took a lot of trial and error. I am in the process of updating our installation guide to make it easier for others to set up Fuchsia on VIM3.

One of the key steps for getting Fuchsia onto VIM3 appears to be flashing a new Android image, as mentioned here: Unable to change Bootloader for VIM3 - #6 by Daeseung

(After I did that step I was able to complete the process for getting Fuchsia on VIM3. Before that I was getting all sorts of weird errors.)

Is this the latest image?

Can you all please put a link to the latest Android image somewhere on the firmware section of your documentation site? For example a page like this: Khadas VIM3 Ubuntu Firmware | Khadas Documentation

I need a link from a page like that because it looks more professional and trustworthy to download an image from your official docs site rather than a random answer on your forum.

Thank you and I look forward to doing lots more hacking on VIM3 + Fuchsia!

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Please check here:


Thanks for the links. Can you create a page on your official docs site and keep it updated with the latest Android images? For example the URL might be and it would point to the latest 32/64-bit images.

I want to be able to link Fuchsia users to download the image from your official docs site ( rather than this forum site (

Yes, we are preparing new documentation, and it will contain such parts.