Why is there no Libreelec sd card installation that works without erasing eMMC?

We do have s905x images that will work on Vim, but this is official release, and for every Linux release there should be an sd card image that will work without erasing anything.


Yes. with the balbes150 Libreelec image


Please release a EMMC install version of your LibreELEC.
I have the balbes150 emmc rom going but it uses the 1.5Ghz cpu clock.
I have used you SD release and noticed that your clock is 2.0Ghz and I would love to have it on EMMC to get the full potential from my VIM.


Hello @Gouwa, is there any plan to release Libreelec 8.0 for Vim?


For LE8, you can use one of following:



Thanks for the prompt reply. I like your LE image, it can be flashed to eMMC easily.

Balbes150 and Kszaq’s images should be great, but I’m having trouble with dual-boot “VimPro_DualOS_Marshmallow_Ubuntu-16.04_170124”. The LE won’t boot correctly from mSD, I’m pulling my hair out.


@numbqq Will try to develop LE ROM based on kszaq or Balbes150’s LE8 source code, it might take some time and I still cannot figure out the timeline yet :wink:


That sounds awesome!

I also tried using SMB to update your LE ROM to Balbes150, unfortunately it didn’t work, not booting at all.

Maybe if @numbqq can kindly finish the first version, then we can use the .tar files to update (either from Balbes150 or kszaq).


Hi Gouwa,

How is progress with the new LibreELEC?


Do it on Balbes150 :wink:
Pull up an eMMC image as well.