Here release a new LibreELEC ROM.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM. Infos:

  • ROM version: Vim_LibreELEC_V170116.7z
  • The ROM is for SD card installation only
  • Before start to boot LibreELEC, note to Erase eMMC storage first
  • Account info:
    • User: root
    • Password: khadas
    • You can create your new admin user to suit your taste after booting

Upgrade guidance:

Change Log

  • Add WIFI supporting for both VIM and VIM Pro
  • Set console as ttyS0

Further info

  • LibreELEC ROM for eMMC installlation is still in testing, will release soon.
  • The Android + LibreELEC dual boot will also release soon.


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Does it compatible with Skhynix DDR?

It is working fine with VIM Pro (Samsung DDR).

Yes, support all VIM models

No bluetooth adapter reported in configuration, I was going to use wireless mouse till the remote arrives from GB

Does this version support backup/restore? Can I backup previous version and restore to this new one?

I backed up libreelec setings in pendrive(programs / libreelec configurations), after start the new version I have restored the backup file and my configuartion and add-ons works fine.

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Can you elaborate? Have you used the buildin backup restore menu within libreelec?

Pendrive? Usb?

Yes I Use the buildin backup menu from librelec.
It is very simple and easy. A god way to save configuration an add-ons
You need a usb pendrive, plug it ,vim must recognize the drive.
Look in programs, Libreelec configuration, just here is the backup menu.
There are two options backup or restore,
Backup, you must indicates it where you want the backup, look for your pendrive root and backup. It generates a .Tar file.

When you need to restore, is similar it ask for the .tar file and restore it. finaly Vim reboots and …Voila.

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In kodi add-ons I have this error message when i try to to connect to libreelec repo: “Could not connect to repository”.

Anyone else has this problem? What can be the issue?

I tried from WIFI and Ethernet too.

(Same issue with: Echo and Thoradia repo -.-)

If I do not have SD card can I use a USB stick for this?

I can write the image ok, but I cannot boot…

Which u-boot file did you use for USB stick?

I didn’t use any. I just burned the IMG file, probably that is why I had no success?

Yes, current release if built for SD card only.

I have bought an SD card, just waiting for a usb reader to be delivered then I can try again.

USB disk could be also supported, just have test on it. :grin:

Ah! Can you tell me what I maybe done wrong?

I burned to usb disk with disk image tool, it seemed to burn ok.

Then what steps should I take?

Just have a try here, cannot boot from USB disk. will keep research on it.

Why erase the internal firmware and the bootloader ? Just add a couple of variables in u-boot (activate-boot) and you can run any OS with any external media without disturbing the work of the internal firmware.

Yes, as what you said, basically, there is no need to upgrade bootloader, just setup ENV or CMDLINE to load different OS. But util our U-boot is stable and can fully support:

  • Android OS
  • Ubuntu
  • LibreELEC
  • DualOS: Android OS + LibreELEC
  • DualOS: Android OS + Ubuntu

There is no need to upgrade u-boot again, as in current stage, our team was still work and test on it, so, before that, we just recommend our users to erase the bootloader on eMMC when upgrade new ROM.

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