LibreELEC no wifi

does anyone know how to install LibreELEC with working wifi?

What do you mean install LibreELEC with working wifi?

Our official ROM wifi works fine on VIM.

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hi, txs for the support.
so I’ve installed first the latest firmware Vim_Marshmallow_Root_161213 and followed instructions to install LE Vim_LibreELEC_V161003 here.
LE is up and running fine with the exception of the wifi connection. I can only connect on to the web via wired lan.
Perhaps I’ve done something wrong?

Which model did you purchase? VIM basic or VIM Pro?

Did you enable the WIFI settings?

Model 2/16.

Yes I did enable wi-fi settings.

I am restarting the entire procedure. It is good to know that wifi should work on LE and that the issue is my installation.

Following the M plates short-circuit method, still the same result: no wi-fi connectivity when running LE.
Working within android now.
Is there a repository of older firmware?

Hi, Gonjo:
Current release just support VIM basic model, Will release a new ROM support both two models in these days.
And will try to add the support of installing on eMMC two.

Sorry for the late news.

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