LibreELEC Leia on 3in1

Hi all and @balbes150 in particular…

First of all : thanks and congratulations, balbes150, for your excellent contributions !

I was thinking ‘what to do next’, so I built LibreELEC-S912_EMMC.arm-9.0-devel-20180616181509-75c28f1 from balbes150 Amlogic-Leia branch ( and installed it in on my KVIM2 3_in_1 system (by copying to libreelec partition and renaming old .kodi and .config directories).

I had used following build command:
PROJECT=AmlogicTV DEVICE=S912_EMMC ARCH=arm make -j13 image

LibreELEC Leia boots fine and shows the expected output on screen via HDMI.

But I have a minor, albeit annoying, issue :slight_smile:
Neither mouse nor keyboard work. And none of my remote either.

I am using gxm_kvim2.dtb (which was part of the build) in libreelec partition as dtb.img.
And I use same remote.conf which I used for my previous Krypton image

I can ssh to the box so I can provide any troubleshooting requested.
UART and serial console work as well.

For one thing: lsusb shows mouse and keyboard and mouse is also present in /dev.

I must be missing something obvious perhaps?
Maybe there are alternative dtb.img and/or remote.conf I should try?

Have a nice day

Hi Mark.
In KODI-18 will not work the old version of the remote control settings. As part of the images there is a new set of files for the remote control (for VIM it is enabled by default) and should work in all builds. Try running this version of the image from external media (DO not use it to install it in eMMC, it will not work from eMMC).

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Hi Oleg,
The S912.arm image you provided runs fine from SD. And the mouse and keyboard do work.
My S912_EMMC.arm image also runs fine from eMMC. But the mouse and keyboard do not work.
Not sure why.
Perhaps you can also build a S912_EMMC.arm image that I can try? As said I built with:
PROJECT=AmlogicTV DEVICE=S912_EMMC ARCH=arm make -j13 image
I assume that was correct.
Have a nice day.

Have you tried The latest multios image (Xenial_KODI-18_20180606) ? It has a new KODI-18. I changed the startup script (under /dev/libreelec don’t need the dtb file). Core (kernel.img) is built with the built-in dtb file. This makes the upgrade easier. Enough to put in the catalog."/update " tar needed. I do not publish a separate tar file, because to update you need to manually replace the script in the /dev/multiboot section (few people will be able to do it on their own). If you need a new script, I can throw it to you.

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Thanks Oleg

I will try the Xenial_KODI-18_20180606 image to start with indeed.

Keep you informed. Thanks as always for kind help!