LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


I updated GIT to version 20180106.
I also uploaded the update 3_in_1 20180106.


Thanks! I could build LibreELEC-S912_EMMC.arm-17.6_20180106 with some addons and install them on my 3in1. Where did you upload your build? I do not see it in 3in1 VTV_20180115 or LE KRYPTON-17 … I may be looking at wrong place


This update for the old version, so it is in the directory of the version with which it can be used. :wink:


The image updates for KVIM (s905x) 20180122.


When i use your latest update, it gives me an error and wont update because system is not the same aarch64/sd/usb and aarch64. I used the kvim tar file to update…
For some reason you deleted the versions without sd/usb which i used to update kodi installed on emmc. So can you please provide these again like in the previous updates… Thanks


If you get the following : ERROR: LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-XX.tar is not compatible with XXX.arm hardware - update cancelled.

Download this


Unzip it and copy it to /storage/.update/

With the image you want to flash

Or login to box with ssh prior to flash and issue this command:

touch /storage/.update/.nocompat


Thanks! I presume you have to put the nocompat in the update folder every time you wanna update?


This file is used only when you want to force disable version checking.


Ok thanks. But why dont u provide the version without sd usb anymore?


update image 20180122 for KVIM2


А как обновить если уже стоит на emmc ?


Как обычно, через tar файл.
Запустить LE, открыть сетевую папку (Update) с ПК , скопировать в нёё архив и выполнить перезагрузку LE, При старте LE обнаружит архив и запустит обновление.


Can you update git so latest builds 20180122 (for now it still builds 20180106).
I want to build eMMC variant for 3_in_1.
Have a nice day!


You can pick up the update, I updated GIT. :wink:


Any know-how to install streamadaptive 2.1.xx on Libreelec. I have it working on my shield but no success to build it for VIM with Libreelec. I need it to have HBO Go working on Libreelec.



I see inputstream.adaptive-2.1.x.y in an other LE9 addon build.
In this LE8 addon build I see inputstream.adaptive-2.0.x.y.
(assuming inputstream.adaptive is the plugin you need to have, if not, please provide some reference)


Indeed! But i need inputstream.adaptive-2.1.x.y to get HBO Go working but on Krypton! LE9 is code name Leia. Plugins for Leia are not directly compatible with Krypton. Even skins.


You can perhaps try to build LE9 Alpha (see LE forums) with addons.
Or maybe one of the LE9 builds from LE forums with addons runs just fine on KVIM2.


Try to use the option LE 32 bits (which collects Kszaq).


Hi, are you gonna keep updating and maintaining this build? Because on libreelec the 905 etc… build is obsolete and not updated and maintained anymore…