LibreELEC for Khadas EDGE (RK3399)

Oh, 16 MEGA-bits, you said? That would be then “dd bs=4096 count=4096”!

This message has the commands you need to replace u-boot

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Great, thanks! I suppose I can just replace /dev/<name_you_SD_works_card> with the file containing the working Ubuntu image.

Perfect! Now it seems to work just well. Thank you very much. I will test surround audio next week again.

The only complaint at the moment is the regulation of the fan speed. It starts at full speed when booting and then stops. When it gets warmer, it does not start turning linearly, but instead it starts and stops in irregular intervals of 1-4 seconds, at rather high and noisy speed. Can this be improved by software or is it just some hardware limitation of Khadas Edge?

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You can assemble your DTB variant with your temperature parameters at which it will be controlled.

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Well, I believe that I could (in theory) assemble a DTB with my parameters (whatever it means). The question was whether it is possible to do it with better parameters. I suppose that the current DTB was created by someone who actually knew what is a DTB, how it is assembled and how to control the khadas fan, if not by the khadas team themselves. Therefore, at the moment I have no reason to believe that I could do it better without knowing anything at all. If it was done just quickly, in haste - that would be a reason to try myself. Otherwise, I should rather look for some other way of cooling the board - like other people already did (giving up the fan) - in order to spend my time on something more realistic. You know, in theory, I can also try to assemble a nuclear fusion power plant, but there are some rational reasons to invest my time into something more realistic… :slight_smile:

BTW, in the LibreELEC forum thread you mention in #203 you also link to some different repository with more up-to-date images. How does it differ from the one you linked at the beginning of this thread?

The sound works well now, though I still noticed problem with one video (strange, they are all ripped from the same BR-disk and should be technically identical). However, the playback does not seem fully fluent any more and the resolution is limited to FullHD - no 4k available in the Kodi configuration. Can this also be determined by the DTB?

How about the repository at ? It seems to contain even newer images.

These DTBS were created by Khadas developers (if not confusing numbqq). By the way, this is the only correct approach, equipment manufacturers should create the necessary DTBS. If you are not satisfied with something in their work, you either change them yourself, or contact the manufacturer of the equipment for the necessary changes. Personally, I am quite satisfied with the work of the fan. Right now, I’m not happy with the shutdown mode. After turning off the EDGE does not turn on from the remote control and buttons, you need to turn off the power supply. I do not know yet, it is defects in the kernel or in DTB.

In the thread links to the new version of the universal images, which I switch in the near future. The new 5.5 core now supports WiFi working on EDGE (I checked the latest version 20191219, WiFi works). I will not release any more versions with kernel 4.

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Thanks for more information. I am just trying the version 20191219 - just at work now - and the playback seems smooth, but the decoder is probably broken in this version, because at least a third of the picture is scrambled (all three videos I have available for testing at the moment). I still wonder about the support for 4k - I will be able to test that later at home.

Ok, so the fan is probably really just too noisy as reported by other people and I will have to think about another solution (I use to watch silent documentaries or listen to music). I think it should be PWM regulated, but it does not seem to be able to run at a reasonably quiet speed.

So, still no option for 4k resolution. The video playback seems quite fluent again (except of the damaged part of the picture). The (surround) sound (mostly) works, except for some (not so uncommon) fall-outs. The fan does not turn on so much.
“Funny” fact: some videos just turn the screen completely black, so that even the controls cannot be seen until the video is stopped completely.
I suppose some of these issues are problems of the development version of Kodi…?

Due to an ordering error on my part, I ended up with no HS or fan for my VIM3. Until my next order, I am getting by with a generic HS and a dual-ball 12 volt centrifugal blower. It is wired to the GPIO 5 volt circuit. It runs all the time, but as a 12v fan on 5v, it is pretty quiet.
Won’t fit in the same case though.


The 20200105 image is finally one that ALMOST works again! Except for some audio fallouts…
Again, there is no 4k resolution available (and localizations are missing as well).
(The interesting fact is, that the video which had problems with sound in all previous versions, is now the only one which has no audio fallouts…)
Let’s see whether we get a working KODI on Edge one day! :slight_smile:

Where did you download this image? I can’t find the link…

The most stable version of LibreELEC is RK3399.arm-9.2.0-khodas-edge.img in my experience, but also buggy. The creators of Khadas behave strangely, the firmware does not rule and new releases are not released. They sold the trash and forgot about us. is the download location, and Team LibreELEC releases LibreELEC images, not Khadas. We bumped RK images to Linux 5.4 in our master branch in the last week, so future releases (LE10/Kodi19) will be quite different.


It is here:
But it needs all the modifications described by balbes150 above.

I am also quite disappointed by the lack of support. The Edge-V has been lying in my room for several months and it is still to no use for my purpose. A waste of money in our times, when technics is becoming obsolete after one year of age or two. They even started production of a superior SBC before I even received my Edge. That feels like a ridicule.

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Yes, this is the build I had in mind. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Linux is negligible to bring this Assembly to mind on their own.

The situation is like mine, every two months I get out of a dusty corner, try to get a stable working device, swear and send the piece of iron back to the corner. By the way, I have a Raspberry B3, the speed does not visually differ from the Edge V, but in Raspberry everything works much more stable and is not heated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. For some reason I missed this source. However, not much luck with this image either. No support for the fan, on the other hand the 4k resolutions are available. No luck with wired network at all and even the wireless received its DHCP on the second trial. Unfortunately, the HDMI audio is completely broken (at least for surround sound), I only get a scrambled noise.
Let’s see what gets improved with newer kernels.

Sadly this has been my experience as well. I appreciate the continued efforts of @balbes150, @chewitt, and the Khadas team, but I do think the product was marketed and sold in a way that was misleading and overstated the currently available functionality.

That said, it is a promising platform with a lot of potential, and it seems every month there is a bit more progress, so I am still optimistic. I’m also optimistic this effort will help with development of future Rockchip SBCs from Khadas, and hopefully much of the code written today will apply.


Just quickly tested image 20200127 with kernel 5.5, but no clear improvement noticed, rather the opposite. Still no 4k option available, still audio fallouts (maybe a little bit less often?). In addition, “return of the black screen” when trying to play the most problematic episode (but audio is playing).

This one already works

#                 LibreELEC                  #
#              #

LibreELEC (community): nightly-20201209-28a7161 (RK3399.arm)
LibreELEC:~ # uname -a
Linux LibreELEC 5.9.11 #1 SMP Wed Dec 9 03:18:07 EST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
LibreELEC:~ #