[LibreELEC] Bolt Ons! AceStream & EmulationStation + RetroArch/Libretro


I have found this package that should run on our Wim and I am trying to get it work.
Unfortunately I have not yet success. Still trying different configurations (I’m just a newbie ^^).

If any of you wants to try,have interrest and can give a “procedure” i would be thanks full!



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Hi Gontrad!

I installed both retro arch and ace stream without any problem. I use Vim pro with Libreelec 8.0.0f

Just intall Putty on your PC, and write those codes what is in first post on freaktab.


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I have only used the images provided by balbes150 (https://yadi.sk/d/srrtn6kpnsKz2/Khadas_VIM)… Didn’t succeed just the installation with others (https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread-2156.html)… and didn’t found a newbie friendly manual/forum/explaination…^^

Can you quickly describe how you installed yours?
(About putty and using the command lines for this I was already doing it :-)) But never able to launch emulation front end…)

Thank you in advance!


Try this:


U can intall retroarch from repository! :wink:

Are you using LE7, or LE8?

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It works for VIM2 -> S912 !