LED Not working


Recently purchased a Khadas VIM from gearbest and very happy with the delivery speed of the item.
After getting the Vim configured with LibreELEC installed on emmc, I noticed that the LED lights wasn’t working. I emailed Khadas and they suggested to try an official Android rom.

I installed “Vim_Nougat_Root_1706122” and while that upgraded the uboot that was installed, Still the LED lights didn’t work.

Could this be a hardware fault? are there any commands that I can run to test the LED works?


You can try to flash the ROM Vim_Marshmallow_Root_170603 and control the menu 'Settings->LED’
Have a try, Thanks!
:smiley: We will add control menu for LED on next release nougat ROM.

Just testing this rom now and I will report back. Will I be able to get a replacement if the LED is broken?


Ok, I have flashed the image and no change ( see image )

Anything else I can try?


Hi, j0nnymoe:

  • Does the LED works when you got the VIM1 device? (As I saw you tear down the housing)
  • Can you help to take a clear photo on the LED part to us for the further information?


Hi Gouwa,

No the LED hasn’t worked at all. here is a slightly better photo I took earlier. If you need anything better, let me know. Thanks

Still I can’t check out whether the LED component is right soldered or not, it seems that the LED has already been broken down, can you kindly check it again:

And, any others problems for your VIM device except the LED one? :slight_smile:

No problem, I will take another photo as soon as I can.

Nope, not having any other issues with the VIM :slight_smile:

@Gouwa Here is a closer picture of the LED

Strange, the LED is with good soldering. And does the blue LED works when you power off the VIM1 device?

Are you a normal user or a maker? Is it possiable for you to assist us to locate the issue with a multimeter tools as below:

If it’s too difficult for you, may be you can contact the customer service for a returning.


@Gouwa Nope there isn’t any LED when I power off either. I can give it ago with the multimeter ( I have one here somewhere) I would say I’m more of a normal user.

Would I need to contact GearBest about getting a replacement?


@Gouwa hopefully this will make sense

Hello j0nnymoe, Your meter is set to measure A/C voltage. For testing the LED’s voltage, it needs to be set to DC 20 volt range. That function setting is indicated by a bar over three dashes.
Hope it helps.

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@RDFTKV Thanks for pointing that out, I have to be honest, never used a multi meter…Ha. I’ll open up the khadas again soon and will test the LED again.

We all start somewhere. :slight_smile:
Meters are handy to have for all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Glad you have a meter.
Hope you get the LED problem resolved.

How can I control the two leds by terminal "echo " cmd?