Led deactivation vim1 pro

Please tell me, how to turn off the white led on vim1 pro Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4. 9_arm64?

Hello @trx900

You can try this:

$ sudo -i
$ echo none > /sys/class/leds/sys_led/trigger

Yes, it works. After restarting the led will turn on? If you need to turn it back on? Thanks in advance.

yep, its not that bright, I would rather keep it on than off as it is useful to see whether the device has booted up correctly and see its current state when using it headless.

unless you are like me when you are in the middle of the night, figuring out why xrdp doesn’t work
and the oddly blinking light in the middle of the night just makes you more irritated…
…but I mean that was the condition for me, its not like everyone has the same situation. :grin:

^ something like this might be useful

Colleagues, the topic is not something like a led or not. Topic about how to turn it off and turn it on if necessary. Please follow the topic.


sorry mate, :slight_smile: