LCD Touchscreen not working

I bought a Waveshare Touchscreen:

When I connect the Screen to the Vim1, it shows random pixels, like the screen is broken (it is not, I tested).

Is there an issue with LCD? Or the hdmi driver?
Thanks for your help.


It is the resolution.
400x1280 is actually needed. How can I add the resolution in the Ubuntu Xfce?

Hello @Fabian_on_Security

Which image you used?

The newest I could find:


I also have this display. This display only works if its fed exactly the right signal (there’s no scaler). So far I have not gotten it to work with anything other than a Raspberry Pi.

I have tried to get it to work with the VIM1S using the latest oowow ubuntu gnome and also the latest armbian image:


The Khadas boot logo is sort-of displayed briefly but it is corrupted by the odd resolution and timing. The waveshare wiki shows the timings and raspberry pi settings, but as far as I know you can’t put these in the VIM1S /boot/uEnv.txt, I don’t think there is an equivalent to “hdmi_timings=”

Other devices such as Windows PCs and the Jetson Nano are supposed to “just work” by using the EDID data. It seems like a lot of SBCs are not capable of utilizing the EDID data as designed.

Is there any way to use this on a VIM1S? I’d even be willing to try building a fenix image, but I would need to know where to add or modify the HDMI timings.

Ive been working on this monitor issue on also on the edge 2, it works in android 13, and armbian (but armbian is way too choppy), did you find any answers?