Latest image on Oowow does not boot

Brand new board, just got it a few hours ago. Connected a 27W PSU, a USB Keyboard and HDMI monitor. Am able to enter Oowow and flash any of the 4 options there, but only the first Android 11 image boots. I wanted to run Ubuntu, but both images after flashing, power off, and power on, show the LED next to the USB-C port flashing green, and the LED next to the PD USB-C port breathing white.

Have tried different PSU and same thing happens.

The LED status means the system already bootup. You got a black screen on your HDMI screen ?

Correct. Screen remains black, but it shows the Oowow interface when flashing fine

Since you said it was booted, I swapped my KB and mouse, and it seems there is an issue with my other KB. Connecting the new keyboard and pressing keys woke the screen up and am now able to login. No idea why it works in oowow and not ubuntu

Sorry for the dumb question

Maybe connection not stable?

So your issue resolved, right?

Hmm… I thought it was, but I just updated and rebooted, and now the smae thing is happening. Flashing green LED, breathing white, and the monitor says there is a signal present, but it’s all black. No reaction from teh system when pressing keyboard keys, moving mouse, and reconnecting them both

Reconnected the HDMI cable, and the image appeared highly zoomed in, then scaled by, and was able to login. Wonder if my HDMI to DVI cable is confusing it

Can you try another HDMI monitor?

I will tomorrow, I dont have any other ones on hand, and it’s 11PM locally.

Thank you.