Latest android/linux image

Hi everyone,
My current OS is giving me issues and I think it’s time for a reload.

At the moment, what is the best OS to use?I see almost all of them are 2017/2018.

I am using the VIM for plex/jellyfin so preferably an Android OS, however if there is a nice Ubuntu/Linux
image i don’t mind giving it a try.

Hi @bar1bar1, Here’s the latest firmware for 2019.Here is the new Ubuntu firmware .

Hi @bar1bar1, you can download android firmware here.

Nougat in Fall 2019 ? Wow… The reason I went with Khadas is I was under assumption support would last…
Never buying Khadas again.

Hello, I understand your frustration, however, getting later Android versions on the VIM2(S912)requires Amlogic to release S912 SDKs for later Androids. As far as I know Amlogic has not done this. Khadas, or any other device maker is dependent on Amlogic to do so.
Where possible, Khadas has released Android 9 for other Khadas products when Amlogic releases Android 9 SDKs for a SoC. As is the case with the original VIM, an S905x SoC.