Laggy Mouse On Android 11 x64

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Android 11 x64 Build from OOWOW

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official

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Installed current Android 11 x64 OS from OOWOW, installs and boots fine. Have a USB keyboard and mouse hooked up, and while it works the mouse is very Laggy. Not sure how to quantify it, but you move the mouse and it's about .5s behind. Trying the x86 version now to see if same there, will update with results but was curious if anyone else sees this or if this is a known issue? I searched for "mouse" and didn't get anything relevant. Thanx in advance!!!

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Super smooth on x86 BTW

But then no Google Play :frowning:

@wiscovitch Can you provide your detailed verification method? I will also verify it according to your method.

Don’t really have a technical way to verify it other than moving the mouse and experiencing the lag on screen…No sure how to debug that at the OS level, I could try and do a video showing the mouse and screen but that would take a bit of effort.

One thing I realized is the USB keyboard and mouse are going through a USB switcher (Not a full on KVM). I will try reloading Android 11 x64 and plug in a directly attached USB keyboard and mouse and see if it’s different.

Directly attached Logitech USB keyboard and mouse…Android 11 x86 is smooth as can be…Android 11 x64 definitely has some lag. Will try and capture and post video soon…Are their any debug cmd/apps I can run and provide results? Never had to troubleshoot something like this so not sure what the options are.

Here is the Android 11 x86 video:

Here is the Android 11 x64 video:

Maybe not 0.5s lag, but there is a lag for sure.

@wiscovitch I think it’s just a matter of setting the sensitivity of the mouse pointer.
Settings->System->Languages & input->Advanced->Pointer speed

Tried that, set it all the way to max…Maybe made a little difference, but not much. It’s not totally unusable, but it’s definitely annoying, especially since x86 is super smooth.