KVIM3: Support and Concerns of the Future of this Product:

I have just one question, How come KVIM3/3L is still under Android Pie only.
when the KVIM4 is under Android 11 64bit…

the KVIM3(A311D) and KVIM4(A311D2) are nearly Identical, So What I am saying, How come there isnt a updated device tree for the KVIM3 to also build off the Khadas Android Source…

Yes I know Google Officially Supports building Android 12 and then some
thats because Googles ADT-3 Google ATV Box AKA sei510, is using the same device tree over there… so it wasnt hard for them to add khadas up on it.

anyhow, Is there plans to update KVIM3 device tree to support building off the same source as KVIM4 since they are pretty much the same? Kinda not cool to leave us behind, I have seen many people since pretty much KVIM3 was released, if there would be updated Android past Pie, or matter at least 64bit… and you have android 11 and 64bit… for a device that nearly uses the same chip as the KVIM3.

I just would like to see an updated Khadas Android Source, because Over on Googles Official Source, you dont get all the custom mods that Khadas added in, Like the fan controls and so on.
W/Google all you get in Vanilla android Tablet or ATV, Not even worth much.

So, would be nice to see KVIM3 get a little love for the Android 11 that you so gracefully build for the KVIM4…

Have you taken a look at this ? :slightly_smiling_face:

thats Android Official Source way for Android 12, I already know about that… and as I mentioned in above message post, I would like to see some action for the KVIM3 for the Khadas Modded Source, their own source not androids vanilla source… which would be missing all of Khadas Special patches…
and again, Looking for ATV, not AOSP Tablet and I already know how to build Official source from Google.

but thanks for your reply…


I have been waiting for a proper Android image with real support for my two Vim3 pro boards for years now.

This lack of support is why I wont consider a Vim4

same reason here. The new FireFly SBC Rockchip 3588 comes out of the box with Android 12, Full android 12, with playstore and all… This comes with Android Pie out of the box, but limited to nothing other then a few apps that do nothing. the Vim4 comes with android 11 Limited to a few apps that do nothing as well. No gapps what so ever… Why can another SBC board come with Fully working Android 12, that means playstore and all… but this Thing cant. I originally bought this because I wanted to run
Android atv. I should have researched more before I paid the amount for a box with little support…

I know I could go buy an Android box, that defeats the Purus of a developing board where I can customize and build my own android then run it. If it at least had more support for android Like android 11 and or 12, from Khadas, Not google. .From Khadas… it would at least be more worth it.

Users here are only interested in Ubuntu and Kodi which both seem pointless for me. if I want to run Ubuntu I open a laptop or get on one of my 3 computer systems.

Now a game changer would be if this thing could run Windows , Now that would be something. to keep my spirits up. PI 4 can run windows Modded. I almost bet this could as well with a little tweaking.

and your right… Vim4 is only a slight step up from the Vim3 and cost half as much more.
and for what. run the same cut down software as the Vim3 can. These boards have a very powerful
CPU, but the support thats out there cuts back on the full potential of this product.
I am not a wizard, I can only do so much. if others would step in and develop for this board.
it would be a great board. As I said. seems everyone is only interested in Linux and Kodi.
I personally think Kodi sucks. and slow compared to Android doing the same thing as twice the speed.
and again, Linux, I dont need linux on my TV. I would rather have Android Tablet or ATV… and play games and do other thing. Would Like to be able to customize my android the way I would want it.

Just need a start… first this peepz should create a device tree that supports Vim3 building android 11 along side Vim4 since they are both nearly the same… but no, they drop support for the Vim3 once the Vim4 came out… I will never buy another Khadas device for that reason.

Nothing is ever updated… the rescue Image Wizard. well lets talk about that.
the only software available is from 3 years ago. none of the images on the firmware downloads is ever updated. and android Pie is as old as running Kitkat on my Pixel 6 Pro. Its time to step into the Future and stop releasing old software for a newer device. I know the Vim3 can handle so much more then
what is out there… Just going to take someone or a group of someones to step up and help create it.

well I said my peace. Hope I didnt offend anyone… not my inattention to do so.
Just very disappointed in my purchase of the Vim3 Pro … I bought this back in Feb… amd to date hardly even used it since everything is a nightmare. and all available software is outdated. maybe a few things are new, but again, I dont want to run CoreElec and so on for Kodi… I hate Kodi.

As far as android goes, who really even uses it.

So, if it was still popular others would be developing for it. I would much rather see improvements for a real OS like Ubuntu instead of wasting time on android that has no value to us.

if Ubuntu was so important then how come it comes stock out of the box with Android?
and many do seem to still use Android. just because your an Iphone person doesnt mean others
dont like Android. If the goal was to better ubuntu, then it should come stock with Ubuntu and not android.
The Raspberry Pi 4 does Linux and Android nearly perfect except, just a few things not working for android. and yes I already have one of them too. just want to get more use of this powerful CPU, for a SBC the cpu is damm good. I dont want to waste it on a desktop linux system. doing nothing other then point and click…

See, everyone has different opinions . But thanks for sharing yours.

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There are projects that simply don’t fit a linux based O/S
My main use is as a CarPC adapted to a motorcycle, I am not going to program every aspect of the system, I fully recognize how Linux is better in many ways and use it a fair bit, but not for this.

I do not plan to waste my time building an entire interface, period.


VIM3 will release Android Pie 64 bit in the near future. In the future, as long as AMLOGIC releases a higher Android SDK for the A311D platform, we will follow up the update.

whats wrong with adapting the Official Android source to do that? I mean all I hear from everyone is
Amlogic releasing Android SDK before they can do anything. I understand that. and I know Amlogic has an Ego issue, they think they are better then everyone else and dont need to release anything. Which to Opensource Standards would be someone of a violation. Anyhow, Google must use something or use their own SDK for said chip, because you can build latest android 32 or 64 bit Tablet or ATV mode.

So why cant you all do the same with the Local Khadas android?
and honestly, android pie 64bit? again, you all need to stop with the Pie. its old and out dated,
you have android nearly releasing android 13, and you all still stuck on Pie.

I am pretty sure you can adapt the Official Android source and Device tree and add your Local custom khadas patches for the device, you could build android 12 tablet and or ATV with no problem.

android is opensource, the only thing I can think of is, your not allowed to sell it with the device?
then if thats the case, release the box with something different, but have the option to install the android 12. The one with all the Khadas patches.

Right now, Official android 12 is giving me issue and wont build for nothing at this time… Had it working… made some changes to device tree, then it stopped working, tried to build again with official device tree and still wont build even re-downloaded sources and still…

anyhow. I just hope more support goes out to thie device… I do like the device… its way better then my Pi 4 8GB device. better then any of the android boxes I have. I wouldnt say it beats any of my PC’s, but we wont go there.

PI 4, has somehow got Windows to work on it. I wonder if that would be possible to do to this device.
would be a challenge, Not a big fan of Windows, but would be nice if we could get it to work on this
device as well. somehow I doubt it. but just maybe.