Kubuntu for VIM3

Hello community,

Here is the release of Kubuntu for the KVIM3,


Built on top of Ubuntu 5.5 kernel and runs the Desktop flawlessly. (*in my testing)
The KDE desktop is one of the most user friendly desktops available with large amounts of customization options.

ROM Infos:
ROM version:VIM3_Kubuntu-bionic_Linux-5.5-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V0.8.2-20201403.img.7z
Link for Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14q0U7QM4B4tFu9XBI2znF50oYAWa5kkw

Pre-installed xrdp software that allows you to use the remote desktop application in windows as you would do in SSH but gives you a virtual desktop like VNC server


This image is for USB and SD card only.
Put your VIM3 into Multiboot mode:

Use a storage medium specifically *8 GB or larger

The login credentials are as follows:
User: khadas
Password: khadas

I hope the community likes it, If there are any problems please tell me below.


Lovely. Great work.
I love KDE Plasma. I will give it a try once I receive my replacement device.


Is there a way to transfer it to emmc once installed on SD card and boot normally?

you can run sudo emmc-install or for a better alternative, you can also try using Krescue to flash to emmc directly…

@Yasir_Javed could you wait for a while ?
I will update the image to the latest 5.10 kernel, so you can also get the updated panfrost drivers for a faster desktop :slightly_smiling_face:

Does youtube run 1080p videos smoothly?

Youtube1080p video on Firefox is ok.

I am waiting for you to release new image. :slight_smile:

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I doubt he will have time until late April as he is having his exams. You use Minimal Ubuntu image and install KDE Plasma manually on it. That way you will have KDE plasma on Ubuntu.


Yes thanks. I asked him same on discord and he told me.

I think i will stick with manjaro for a while because it’s filling all my uses. :smile:

Interesting, how big is your screen ? IDK if you enjoy watching 1080p content using Manjaro on Vim3. As I find it there there is alot of choppiness on the screen when playing video.

I tried the video on 1920 x 1080 p monitor having 24 inch size

I played the videos on Firefox, YouTube, 1080p and didn’t notice any frame drops in stats also

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Maybe with newer firefox the video playback over cpu much been optimized.
Enjoy your device.

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@Yasir_Javed as @Spikerguy would have explained I am a bit tight on schedule right now, and only get the chance to hop in now and then to have a chat, I also have a bunch of other things queued right now, but that mainline + KDE is still on my hotlist, I will release as soon as possible, maybe even throw in a minimal rice for a lovely custom look, please be patient, thanks :blush: