KTB Tone 1 cannot play DSD files

Hello. This is my first time posting.

I have a Khadas Tone Board Tone 1 Generic Edition. I cannot play DSD files on it. I tried playing DSD64-256 files with the following:

  1. USB Audio Pro Player on Samsung Note 10 Plus (Android 12)
  2. USB Audio Pro Player on Blackberry Priv (Android 6.0.1)
  3. Neutron Player on Samsung Note 10 Plus
  4. Neutron Player on iPhone 7

In all cases, only white noise came out. The KTB plays PCM files fine, for all sample rates.

Could you help advise what I can do?

My KTB Tone 1 uses firmware v2.00. Driver version 4.86.0

Thank you so much in advance!

I have the same when I tried to regulate volume, with volume to 100% there was no issues.

About Android Phone,you can try to open exclusive HQ USB audio access,such as HiByMusic.
And as to iphone, it cannot support DSD native ,you can use Dop instead.

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