KTB not outputting sound

if I were you, I would check with speakers, not with an additional amplifier and headphones

Hello, Have you gone in to sound settings and selected the TB as output?

Yes I have.

This is the issue I am running into, however.

I may have missed it, but have you tried a different cable?

You may also want to remove the driver and let Windows use it’s own driver.

It says, “no devices connected”, I presume that means the Tone board itself is not connected, has the white power indicator light on the Toneboard lit up ?

Yes it has. I am going to uninstall the xmos drivers and any other related drivers for the tone board.

Windows is picking up the device but still, no sound is coming through. I uninstalled all of the drivers including the Theyscon Eval, Tone Control, and ASIO. Interesting thing is that anytime the tone board is connected I get a very faint, high-pitched buzz? it isn’t very noticeable at all so it isn’t annoying.