KTB 1 + piCorePlayer + RPI3b+: Been having strange issues with DSD

Hello all, hope i can find answers to my issues.
I just received my board 2 days ago, When I finally plugged it in i was able to play some dsfDoP256@768000, so i spent the night listening to my small dsd music collection.
The problem arose when i wanted to listen to .flac or .mp3!!!
Full on distortion for (mp3, flac,alac…) but not for dsd. I am really confused as to what could be my problem. I am currently running soundcheck’s “Squeezelite v1.9.9-1371-sKit-scdsm” highly optimized version of squeezelite with piCorePlayer v7.0.1 | www v00016 | linux 5.4.83-pcpCore-v8 | piCore v12.0pCP.

Here are the main settings i was using:
Output device: usb audio for audio
Output settings: hw:CARD=Tone1,DEV=0
ALSA settings: 65536 buffer value
Period count: 4
using NMAP
30000:300000: internal Stream and Output buffer sizes in Kb
768000,384000,192000,96000 were the samplerates available
Native dsd using: u32le
CPU isolation=“2,3”
and some other minor tweaks…

was sounding amazing for DSD but distortion for MP3 and flac…
(the player is set to use either faad, sox etc…(through the LMS server) if it can’t natively play the files.

so im quite surprised on this strange behaviour.

i reverted to my regular setup still using the same ‘mod’ but w/o the dsd capabilities because most my music isn’t dsd… Oh yeah! I had to use the ESS9023 DAC audio output settings too for it to work for flac and mp3… soo weird

I still would like to not have to change all those settings everytime i need to listen to dsd.
any cues?

I have been using his “mods” for a while… you should look it up great stuff!!!
he seem to be unavailable at the moment, so he cant help me.

thank you in advance

Tone board supports PCM sample rate up to 384KHz@ 32bit and DSD up to DSD256 @ 1bit,the condition that DSD256 can work is the DSD native,if you set DoP to play DSD files,only DSD64 and DSD128 can be supported.

I think you misread my post, I WAS ABLE to play dsd256 files using 768000 for samplerate on my picore player using skits modified squeezelite… that is NOT the issue, its that i was ONLY able to play DSD… not able to play flac, or mp3 or anything else without the audio being heavily distorted.

its weird, it’s like the world upside down or somethiing!

Could be the plug-in. I had a small problem with DSD with version 1.xx, then after updated FW to version 2.x the DSD works great. I am using Foobar2000. Not all Foobar2000 plug-in worked with FW 1.xx. After updated FW 2.xx, all plug-in work without problem.

I was and still am on FW 2 when I wrote the message.
I am now able to play all correctly but had to use a different card for it to work in the settings. Which is weird. But it now works so I’m happy.

Your 65536 buffer value is kinda high. Try between 5k tp 10k to see if it works for DSD. Keep increase until it’s perfect for DSD.