KSNN convert yolo

hi @Frank, I want to convert my yolov4 model to use python API, but I don’t know what arguments are used to pass in. I have seen the tutorial but it’s example with Inception V3, so can you show me the parameters you use to convert with yolo? Thank you

@Trong_Huu Maybe you can follow the parameers with yolov3

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I used your parameters but it stops here, while I use --mean-values ​​’0,0,0,256’ it can run

@Frank do you know this?

@Trong_Huu Have you updated to the latest code ? your parameter should be from the previous version

@Frank I use KSNN version 1.3 and KSNN convert tool v1.2. Does it fit together?

@Frank I converted the file to yolov4.nb and libnn_yolov4.so but when I use your code yolov3-picture.py it doesn’t detect anything. Can you update the code with yolov4?

@Trong_Huu Please use the corresponding version. You must use KSNN convert tool v1.3

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There is no corresponding plan in the near future, yolov3 and yolov4 have opposite outputs in some operators

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You can give our C++ demo, the difference between yolov3 and yolov4 post-processing code, maybe it will help you

yes, I have run on C++ version but I want to run inference on a set of images so I can only use KSNN

I also just selected version 1.2 for both KSNN and KSNN convert tool but it still doesn’t detect anything

@Trong_Huu This has nothing to do with the version, the post-processing process of yolov3 and yolov4 is different

yes, I’m trying to fix the code

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