Krescue WiFi / Ethernet

Hi there

Having problem in getting the network connection in Krescue on VIM3.

Running Krescue from an SD Card, with eMMC erased.
While booting ubuntu (4.9 kernel) networks comes up consistently (Wired Ethernet and WiFi configured through DHCP)!
However Krescue fails to configure the eth0 with IP address. Running udhcpd on eth0 also fails!

Also my USB-C usb_net link almost never comes up (possibly some thing to do with my host which is running Ubuntu 18.04 64bit).
But noticed that eth0 came up (got configured with IP), when ever the usb_net connection was successfully setup?

  1. Is there a way to ensure that the wired ethernet (with DHCP) comes up?
  2. Is it possible to enable WiFi in Kresue?

hi at this moment i can try improve user network configuration and GUI for krescue

AT THIS MOMENT if u need wifi we have easy solution
simple wifi.config file just put it to krescue sd 1st partition
root / folder (file must contain one string net_name and password separated by space)

echo WIFI_NET WIFI_PASS > wifi.config

PS: dhcp on eth work fine every time for everybody (sure u must connect to router ) - usb network same works every time with linux - can u send me more usefull information detail log from both sides - and we can help with your problem

PS: pls use latest krescue images